Accident Insurance Peoria AZ

Accident Insurance For You and Your Family Protection

We know that accidents happen all the time, and that they happen unexpectedly. Although when an accident does happen it can be detrimental to your health or finances. This is why accident insurance is here to help provide you and your family protection. So, if you get hurt at home, work, or traveling you will be covered. Plans cover ages 0 to 75 and are guaranteed to renew until you turn 80, making it a great plan for everyone in your family. The wonderful part is that accident insurance covers you for injury, death, or dismemberment, as well as ground or ambulance transportation. Also, you can receive a daily hospital income benefit.

The Plemons Group want to make sure that you are protected no matter where an accident occurs. 24-hour accident insurance can give you the comfort of knowing that if something were to happen anywhere in the world, you are covered. You even have the option to add accidental disability income or medical expense rider giving you even more coverage. Give us a call today at (480) 676-5721 so we can understand all of your options.