Commercial Auto Insurance Peoria AZ

Commercial Auto Insurance in Peoria, AZ

If you are a small business and using your vehicles for your business, then you will need commercial auto insurance. The Plemons Group is here to provide you with the coverage you need at a good price. Commercial Auto insurance has higher coverage than your traditional personal policy. Your work vehicles need more protection than your daily driver because it is at a higher risk to damage. We have a commercial auto policy for every business type whether you are a small, growing business or a large, corporate business, we have you covered.

Commercial auto insurance provides your business vehicle with coverage for things like damage to your vehicle or damage to someone else, injury, theft, and more. You don’t want to be without commercial auto insurance, if you are you are liable for injuries, repairs, and losing your personal auto insurance. The Plemons Group is here to make sure you get the commercial auto insurance that meets your specific needs and protects your business. Commercial auto insurance does not cover employees personal vehicles.