Commercial Flood Insurance Peoria AZ

Business flood insurance covers any damage to the premises and the contents affected by the flood. This commercial flood insurance coverage may include losses incurred from water that overflows from heavy/prolonged rain, snowmelt, broken dams, overflowing streams or rivers, or other similar causes.

Do I Need a Flood Insurance Policy?

You may not be sure if you really should purchase flood insurance. However, the truth is that you should buy flood insurance to protect your business. Remember, many commercial property insurance covers exclude flood damage. Thus, purchasing a flood insurance policy can help protect your business premises and the contents.

Even if your business is not located in an area prone to floods, you should consider flood insurance coverage if:

  • Your business runs in a location that experiences cold, snowy winters and warm springs.
  • Your business location experiences moderate rains in the spring.
  • The basement of the business premises floods from runoff from a nearby construction site. You can’t just wait to have the equipment and inventory damaged, yet you have not partnered with a flood insurance company.
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