Cyber Insurance Peoria AZ

Cyber Insurance in Peoria, AZ

As our world becomes more virtual and technologically advanced, businesses are even further exposed to cyber-attacks like data breaches, network failure, and cyber extortion. So, what does cyber insurance cover? It helps protect your business against data breaches with client sensitive information. That sensitive information can include things like Social Security numbers, credit card information, health records and more. Overall, this is insurance that helps cover the costs that are incurred during the recovery of a data breach.

With cyber breaches increasing there is even more risk for damage not just to your computer system but to your business, it effects reputation and your customers. You may be wondering what would cyber insurance do for your business, well here are a few things it can help with, such as notifying your customers of a data breach and helping restore their personal identity, also recovering the data that has been breached, or even repairing your computer systems. So, if your business uses technology that manages digital information, you are at risk.

At The Plemons Group we are here to work with your business to provide the best cyber insurance solutions, we will structure a plan that provides you with the correct limits, is cost effective, and customized to your business. If you would like to learn more talk to one of our brokers today.