Employee Benefit Liability Insurance Peoria, AZ

Employee Benefit Liability Insurance in Peoria, AZ

When your business provides employees benefits, unfortunately your business has some risks that can occur. We understand how important benefits are to employees and your business which is why we want you to be fully covered. Employee benefit liability is here to cover your business and benefited employees. It covers your business against lawsuits from your employees when benefit information goes unforeseen. It helps with counseling services, handling employee records, and more. This policy is just for employee benefits; covering areas like health insurance, retirement plans, pensions, paid holidays and the benefits that you provide and manage.

Employee benefits liability insurance covers enrollment issues. For example, if your business doesn’t enroll somebody or enrolls someone wrong for their benefits, you are covered or was delayed in enrollment. Another area is workers comp area when an employee believes they are getting the right amount. We want to make sure that if your business causes an error on employees benefits that you are protected, give us a call today.