Medicare Prescription Drug Plan

Medicare’s Prescription Drug Plan, often called Medicare Part D is an important add-on to your Medicare Plan, especially if you take prescription drugs. Even if you do not currently take any prescription medication, you should add on this optional coverage. It is very important to enroll in Medicare Part D during the enrollment period. If you do not opt-in during the enrollment period you may be charged with a late enrollment fee. Those eligible for the program ​​can enroll when initially eligible: during the seven month period beginning three months before you turn 65 years of age.

Most Medicare Advantage programs offer prescription drug coverage as part of the program.
If you do not have a Medicare Advantage program you can purchase supplemental Medicare Part D to cover the cost of your self-administered prescriptions from your doctor. If you are enrolled in a MSA (Medical Savings Account) or Private-Fee-for-Service (PFFS) that do not include prescription medications you have the option of enrolling in stand alone Medicare Part D to supplement your coverage.

All Medicare Part D plans vary in everything from deductibles, copays, premiums and formularies. Our simple to use Medicare Plan Finder, which is directly on our site, can help you determine exactly which plan is right for you.

The Plemons Group would be more than happy to speak with you about the advantages of Medicare Part D, and why it is an important add-on to your current or upcoming Medicare Plan. Call us today to schedule a meeting with one of our agents who would be happy to explain the Medicare Prescription Drug Plan to you in more detail, and will be available to answer any questions.


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