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About MexiPass®

MexiPass® was founded in California in 1989 to provide Mexican Insurance and International Risk Management services to all licensed insurance agents and brokers in the United States.

Since then, we have become the leading Managing General Agent for placement of insurance in Mexico, serving over 10,000 agents and brokers, ranging from small agencies to worldwide brokerage firms, providing quality international coverage.

Our Products include comprehensive Business Insurance solutions for Property, Liability and Automobile risks for American entities in Mexico and quality Personal Insurance Programs for Automobiles, Homes and Family Protection for Americans in Mexico. We also assist our Producers with risks and placements in other foreign countries.

Why MexiPass?

Watch this 1:30 minute video to find out why MexiPass is your best option for any type of Mexican Insurance need.

Auto insurance

MexiPass offers Mexican car insurance policies that adhere to American standards. We focus specifically on satisfying the needs of foreigners driving their foreign-registered autos in Mexico. The best part? Our Mexican car insurance policies have similar coverage parts to American policies and terms are available in both English and Spanish. As such, our policies are easy to understand and there is no question about what coverage you are purchasing.



The Insurance Solution for Americans with Homes in Mexico

American Standards of Insurance Coverage

Americans have achieved the highest level of insurance protection in the World. Through many years of evolution, the insurance market in the USA has produced sophisticated insurance products to satisfy the needs of a demanding society of consumers.

When Americans purchase an insurance policy in the USA, they enjoy the peace of mind of a contract with proven and tested forms and conditions that will guarantee the quality protection that they expect for their assets and their liabilities.