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Clever RX



Clever RX is the #1 prescription discount card in America. Clever RX offers:

  • Over 55,000 FDA approved medications
  • 40% of medications cost $10 or less
  • Accepted at over 80,000 pharmacies nationwide
  • Beat our top competitors pricing 60-70% of the time
  • 100% FREE to use
  • Recommended by healthcare professionals across the nation

What does that all mean?

It means that by using Clever RX, whether you’re insured, uninsured, or underinsured, you can save BIG on your RX medications. With the rising price of prescriptions and the increase in high deductible health plans and high copays, there’s no limit to who Clever RX can help. All you have to do is download the 100% FREE Clever RX App, search your prescription, and save big by showing the voucher at your selected pharmacy. What’s more? Your friends and family can use Clever RX to save too. Now that’s not only clever, that’s Clever RX.

RxCare America

Have your Prescriptions Sent Right From The Doctor Office

Join RxCare America and Save On The Most Utilized Drugs In America.

Pharmacy Savings you Can Count On

In a world of uncertainty, especially in the pharmacy industry, we set out to give you pricing you can count on. We are offering predictable pricing on over 300 medications on our formulary. You can purchase these drugs for as little as $5 and you will know the price immediately, so no more sticker shock, and no more having to decide between putting food on the table or filling your prescription. We guarantee our prices and make sure there are no surprises!


A Company You Can Trust, Licensed In All 50 States

If you live in the United States, your state is part of our program, we are one of the few independent pharmacies in America licensed in ALL 50 states. We have gone through the rigorous process of licensing in each state and can dispense anywhere in the U.S. including the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.